Happy Birthday to The Art of the Informational Interview

What should we talk about in year two?

Hey there Informational Interviewers,

So last week I didn’t manage to get the newsletter out. My partner and I bought a house (yay!) and between closing on the house and moving in, last week really just got away from me. Sigh.

Things are marginally less chaotic now, though, which is a big relief. I’m sitting in my new office which is mostly organized and unpacked, contemplating one year of newslettering!

That’s right, last week was the first birthday of The Art of the Informational Interview!

A year ago, last week, I published my first article, “What is the Purpose of an Informational Interview.” Since then I have published 46 articles, all about informational interviewing and career development!

Reader, it’s been a delight.

I got to talk to informational interviewing masters, like Javiera Cordera, and heard from disillusioned Ph.Ds. I wrote super personal stuff about my family, student loans and the importance of folly. And, I got to be bossy about resumes and cover letters.

I’ve coached a handful of people, helping them land jobs and get their work featured in national magazines. I’ve been touched by people’s willingness to be vulnerable and fall apart. And I’ve been impressed by those same people’s tenacity in pushing forward towards a more nourishing professional future.

I can’t say where things go from here, exactly. But I know I’m excited to keep writing. I’m proud of how consistently I published this year, and going forward I’d like to be even more consistent. Our community is small (just 195 subscribers and about a dozen active slack members). In this second year I’d like to focus more on growth. Someday I hope to reach hundreds of thousands of readers.

It’s not just about me, though. It’s about you, too! And I’d love to know what you’re interested in. So if you wouldn’t mind, I’d be very grateful if you could share what kinds of articles would be most helpful to you.

And if you feel like emailing me with your thoughts, even better!

Thank you for subscribing and for being ambitious!

Stay Savvy,



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