Lets start at the very beginning... of informational interviewing

Everything you need to know to be an A+ informational interviewer

Hi there informational interviewers!

There are a lot of new subscribers joining our community this week, so I thought we’d get back to basics. Whether you’re a new face, or you’ve been here a while, it never hurts to review what this informational interviewing thing is all about.

Also, in case you hadn’t heard, we have a lovely little Slack group going for job hunting moral support, tactical advice and feedback.

You can join our Slack group here.

If you’re new to the Art of the Informational Interview, I’d love to know more about what you’re attempting at the moment. Are you trying to get a new job? Level up in your existing role? Please do reply to this email with some details about where you’re at and what would be most helpful to you.

Thank you for being here! I’m very exited for all the unexpected and exciting things that will unfold in your career!

Stay Savvy,



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